SereneAugust 14, 2017
This looks photogenic! You have a talent for photography here!
Trisha TingLK5 months ago
Jess NgAugust 08, 2017
I saw a lot of people buying this! and it looks very nice too! if i ever get the voucher, this will be one that i want to buy!3
Serene5 months ago
Jess NgAugust 08, 2017
Looks incredibly nice! My family will surely have more appetite with these plate! Huurrmm... should i buy one?
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Tasha012August 08, 2017
You should get one! I know i will get more. i really loves this baking tray, looks nice and very practical too!
Walter Wong5 months ago
Trisha TingLKAugust 08, 2017
This look really delicious! Mind sharing you recipe?
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