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Are you planning to redesign your house ?
Housing Type
: 1 Room
Square Feet
: 499 sf & below
: Kelantan
: N/A

Do you wish to please your guests by showing your elite house? If your answer is probably yes, then this piece of article is going to be highly informative for you. With the time, you notice that your house looks worn out and lost its charm. True, isn’t it?

As the owner of the home, it becomes your responsibility to take care of the interiors of the home. A perfect interior design of the home makes it look like a paradise. And who can better understand than you?

What takes to turn an ordinary home into a heavenly place or a warm nest is decided by the interiors of the home. Various points are needed to keep in mind before redesigning a home again and transforming it into a unique and a well designed home. Well, I am going to highlight few points in here.


1. Decoration

 The decoration of the house plays a vital role in beautifying the interiors of the house. Plan a design carefully before beginning to purchase material or items that will ease the process of decorating or enhancing few remarkable features of a home. Make sure the decoration doesn't cost you hell lot of an amount making a hole in your pocket.

2. Interiors

The interiors of your home should match the environment of your house. An appropriate interior designing of a home should be well taken care on timely basis. A worn out home that demands too much of attention will take a lot of time to get back the look. Interiors of the home include the paintings of the walls, furniture of the house, and placements of the furniture. All these are the underlying secrets of recreating and bringing back the charm of your house.


3. Wall colors

Yes, as the house ages the colors of the wall fade out. It turns to look grey and old. As per the redesigning plan of the house, the colors of the walls should not be ignored. As a matter of fact, we all know its just the colors of the wall that sets the right mood of the bedroom, living room, kitchen and other spaces of a house.

So, now you are in a better position to decide what needs to be treated well. Next, comes in taking precautionary steps that will eventually end up in redesigning a beautiful and newly looking house.


1. Living room

The living room of a house is an integral part of your home. Enlighten this room with extra care and attention and as it is the only where all the family members meet or sit together in times of happiness and grief. The lighting of the living room should be bright, so that it brings fresh and positive energy in a house. The wall colors should be subtle and warm enough to bring people closer. A sense of security should reflect with the placement of furniture.


2. Kitchen

A house without a kitchen is unthinkable. This place regardless of the size should be given utmost attention by the owner. Make sure this innocent place of your house is well kept with basic requirements. Again, lighting plays a major role in kitchen and it should be illuminated with uniform number of lights. The color of the walls is independent of its area and size. A lighter colour of the wall gives an expanded look to the interiors of a kitchen.


3. Bedroom

Being your home, you would like to keep your room well and treat it with golden attention. Give your room everything what it desires and in turn, it will give you what you deserve the best. The warmth given by bedroom is unbeatable as it is the only place where you can forget the hustle bustle of the worldly things. The furniture of the bedroom should be kept in place that leaves room for movement in the bedroom. Do not forget to decorate with pictures that brings smile and re-ignites your soul.


4. Washroom

The washroom is a much used place in a house and demands cleanliness. A clean and hygienically safe bathroom is a must requirement of a washroom. Decorate it with sensational fragrances and keep it tidy.


Re-energies the soul of your house!

May 13, 2016
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