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Tips 004: Redo The Entrance Door Economically : Repaint.

The maroon entrance door is commonly installed by the developer that hardly blend into the overall style, which often bothered homeowners.

Besides changing the door, what other ways to customize it to a budget? We introduce you a way in this issue: Repaint the entrance door.

How does it work? Read on.

CHAPTER ONE: The common method: Spray paint or brush paint.

For long lasting effect, choose paint brush. You can hire an experienced painter or do it yourself.

What you need to pay attention to:

  1. Protection before applying spray paints: hat, mask, gloves and working clothe, don’t miss out any of it.
  2. It’s better to polish the surface with sand papers, might as well remove the under paint while enhancing the adhesion of paint.

Should strictly adhere to the user guide, consecutively apply minimal at a time, spray a thin layer every 3 or 5 minutes, the effect is even better than full one-time spray.

● White colour paint makes it simple and sweet.

1. Homeowner choice Apply the remaining wall paint by brush for two layers, then apply it with a paint roller. Every layer should dry out before applying another, this way it might entirely cover the original color. Almost 6 months now, no cracks and fall off paint issue.




● Spray some colorful paints to show some bright characteristics.  

3. Homeowner choice Took 6 times to paint with metallic paint before its effect shows. Remember to use masking tape to cover the locks and knobs.








 ● Apply with blackboard paint, entrance door became notice board

7. For frequent utilizing space, you may choose blackboard paint which contains refined quartz sand particles, put a coating on top of it so that it may be clean up to 20 thousand times








CHAPTER 2 Unwilling to deal with paints, try some of these ideas.

● Sticker

11. Homeowner choice We finally turn the red security door to this after 8 hours of measuring, cutting and pasting on several planes.


● Applying veneer

13. Homeowner choice Extensive oak panelling without industrial heat pressing is practically difficult, it nearly made one tear.