Oliver Lim9 months ago

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Simple but functional design for small house.
Housing Type
: 1 Room
Square Feet
: 500-799 sf
: Selangor
: N/A

Nice and simple house design, with sea blue and sky blue colour to make the house looks calm. 

We just redecorate the house not long ago. What we did?

we just re-paint the wall, buy some furniture, and added some wall decoration and some other stuff that we had before to make it nicer. 

It took us around 2-3 weeks to complete everything. But its all end up very nice, worth it. 

Living Room

A big look on our living room. Theme: Blue color, with some white to harmonies the atmosphere. We just re-use almost all of our furniture, and we also re-painted our furniture so that it able to match with our theme.

Living room

Take a closer look on our living room. Very comfortable right?

Living Room

Just another view because i like it.


This is where we cook. Small but practical. The theme is also blue and white.

Dining Room

This is the dining place that we customize from a second-handed furniture house. Combine a little bit here and there, become this gorgeous dining room enough for 4 person.

Dining room

Another view of our dining place.


This is just our staircase, the most important thing is the wall of the staircase. Both of us tried our best to draw this out. Amazing right? I love it.

Wash Room

If you notice our living room, there is one small place beside it, we change that place become a wash room where we able to wash our cloth and take it our the balcony just beside to hang it. We only did some re-paint, and some re-organize it. Simple but practical.

Jeffrey Lim March 30, 2017
Is a duplex ?
Serene March 30, 2017
Love the blue and white theme. Its always makes me feel calm.