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968ft 3 Rooms Scandinavian Style Home.
Housing Type
: 3 Room
Square Feet
: 800-1099 sf
: Kuala lumpur
: RM -

I had renovated this home quite a long time ago, but then I came across this website, and I think it’s a best time for me to share my beautiful house.

However, I am only going to show only a few room only, because some of the room is not that nice. 

Here, i will just explain a little bit with the so called Scandinavian style. 

Scandinavian design is a design movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality that emerged in the 1950s in the five Nordic countries of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark. While the term Scandinavia only refers to the three kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, it can be used colloquially to refer to all five of these countries. (Said by google search)

Without further explaining, here are my home view. 


This is just our most simple bedroom. Beside there i put some table lamp and some fake flower for some decorations. Our furniture are mostly white just to matching with the wooden floor.

Living Room

Take a brief look at my Living Room. My floor is the original floor, because I want to save budget, I don’t want to change my floor, Because the floor is in dark wooden colour, I use black and white carpet to lighten up the whole room.

Living Room

Check out this customise book shelf that looks like a window. It looks so special and different than other. Plus when we want to hide the bookshelf, I can just simply close the “door”, and its perfect.

Living Room

I put some picture frames to the pure white wall to bring out some colour.

Kitchen + Dining

This is a room that combine kitchen and dining room together. The wall is fully painted with white paint and decorate with furniture with some colour to make it not so boring looking.

Kitchen + Dining

Here is another look of my kitchen + dining room. Another angle view. This where I cook my meals for my family.

Kitchen + Dining

Thank you for enjoy my room. Please save it or Space It This article if you like it.