As the name implies, WE:

  • Run an online platform that gathers all proprietors, home professionals and users with passion to: Redecorate, Renovate, and Redesign their HOME.
  • Provide platforms where all the professionals & non-professionals share and discuss ideas and inspirations about decorations, renovation, and interior design.
  • Offer a great platform where individuals with the same interest gathers and connect and articulate.
  • Afford you a great place for you to flaunt your most precious space [SPACECIOUS] photo.




Our vision is quite simple!

  • Helping Malaysia to attain higher living lifestyle.
    • Irrespective of your abode either it’s a new home, or a rented apartment, or possibly you reside in a hostel, everybody confidently love to have their own dream house or at least their own fantasized space.
    • Here in SPACECIOUS, users can find plethora ideas and inspirations to help achieve your own dream space for a higher lifestyle.
  • Achieve a space that is Value For Money.
    • Ever dreamed of living in a space of 7 star hotel but don’t have the budget?
    • Here, we encourage users to share their ideas on how to achieve a 7 stars space with 3 stars budget!
  • Gathers lovers of decoration & interior design.